New Study Finds Errors in Rising Sea Level Predictions

Flooding in Jacksonville, Florida after Hurricane Irma, 2017

It’s much, much worse than anyone imagined

By Dartagnan

Because it conjures up a tangible, visible image in the human mind, the prospect of an uncontrolled global sea rise is one of the most benumbing examples of the consequences of man-made climate change. In Al Gore’s now-iconic 2006 documentary film, An Inconvenient Truth, the consequences of rising seas caused by the melting of the polar ice caps and the Green­land ice sheet were vividly depicted based on satellite imagery. Projecting the encroachment of ocean waters throughout the low-lying state of Florida, the impact of those unforgettable images far exceeded that of any abstract studies, and demonstrated the dire nature of what is now almost certain to befall the world during the lifetimes of today’s children . . .

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